Effective Board Chairs have many of the following competencies:

Relationship Competencies

  • Is flexible
  • Is comfortable with people of all types
  • Is nonjudgmental
  • Has strong listening skills
  • Has a calm demeanor
  • Has a friendly persona
  • Is humble

Commitment and Action Competencies

  • Has a strong commitment to the organization
  • Has a clear commitment to getting things done
  • Uses a proactive approach
  • Devotes time to the organization

Analytic Skill Competencies

  • Can see the big picture
  • Can clarify and resolve issues
  • Can handle contentious issues

“Willingness to Create” Competencies

  • Has high intelligence
  • Is an innovative thinker
  • Has confidence

Ability-to-Influence Competencies

  • Has connections and influence with key people
  • Uses connections to advance the organization


To be an effective Board Chair, avoid the following:

Detrimental Behaviors

  • Is dictatorial and dominating
  • Pursues a self-serving agenda rather than contributing to an organization’s well being


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