Fundraising the SMART Way: Why We Need a Fundraising Revolution


 Starts Wed, Mar 5 2014, 12:00PM
 Ends Wed, Mar 5 2014, 1:00PM

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Fundraising: the business function that nonprofit professionals love to hate. Why? Without predictable, consistent income growth, charities struggle mightily to fulfill their missions and achieve their visions. Yet the data show income growth for most charities is sluggish or worse, in spite of the onslaught of new technologies, training programs, and graduate schools offering advanced degrees. Maybe it’s time to do something different: to look at the way fundraising is managed, not just the way it’s done.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why managing fundraising effectively can improve donor engagement while it raises your bottom line
  • How embracing the right metrics the right way will drive continuous improvement
  • Why constructing a powerful fundraising “toolkit” will help development officers improve their performance, and
  • How these new approaches will draw rave reviews from your leadership and governing board

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Tools for More Effective Nonprofit Board Meetings


 Starts Wed, Mar 12 2014, 10:00AM
 Ends Wed, Mar 12 2014, 11:00AM

While each board situation is unique, there are common challenges facing the conduct of effective nonprofit board meetings. These challenges include board size (typically 10, 12 or more), use of time, decision-making, and ability to keep members engaged and committed to the work. In this session I share a number of tools that can help boards have more effective meetings. These tools help you structure the meeting and do not require special training or facilitation skills. You can use them to improve your very next board meeting.

I’ll give you tools for improving your meetings so that you can:

  • Conduct more efficient and effective board meetings.
  • Create meetings that build broader commitment to decisions.
  • Achieve broader engagement and follow-up.

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Maximizing Millennials – Getting What You Want from Gen Y


 Starts Wed, Mar 12 2014, 12:00PM
 Ends Wed, Mar 12 2014, 1:00PM

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Need an interpreter to connect with your younger employees? You want to manage them well but you may be baffled by their behavior choices.

Do they:
1) Need a lot of support with time you don’t have to give?
2) Want to be recognized for showing up to work?
3) Not live up to your standards of professionalism?
4) Expect now what it took years for you to achieve?

Come learn how you can be successful managing your twenty-somethings. You can get the work product you need to succeed if you understand why Gen Y is different, their motivations, and what you can do to manage them well.

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Webinar: Strategic Planning Part 1: Cultivation & Organizational Development


 Starts Wed, Mar 19 2014, 10:00AM
 Ends Wed, Mar 19 2014, 11:00AM

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Strategic planning should be a means not only to produce a strategy, but also to engage and cultivate stakeholders, develop leadership, and generate new energy, commitment and consensus around mission. Its primary product is not a written plan, but strategic thinking within the organization, which is achieved through a process of planning followed by a process of implementation. A well-conceived and managed planning process can be the most effective form of organizational development.


  • What benefits to expect from an effective strategic planning process
  • How to approach and structure a strategic planning process
  • How to get broad buy-in in any organization
  • Tools to use for assessing your situation, engaging your constituencies, developing an effective plan, and implementing it

Make sure to sign up for Webinar: Effective Strategic Planning Part 2: Plan Development & Implementation and Webinar: Effective Strategic Planning Part 3: Measure, Monitor, Report

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How to Use an Online Donor Funnel to Raise More Money


 Starts Wed, Mar 19 2014, 12:00PM
 Ends Wed, Mar 19 2014, 1:00PM

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You’re probably already familiar with the idea of a donor funnel, going from awareness to to loyalty. But how does this work with social media and e-mail marketing?

This free webinar will show you step-by-step how to create an online fundraising strategy using a donor funnel. You will learn how to connect the stages donors go through in their mind with the strategies to engage your network, acquire emails, nurture leads, and increase donations.

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Social Media: No Longer for Just the Bottom of your Donor Pyramid


 Starts Tue, Mar 25 2014, 12:00PM
 Ends Tue, Mar 25 2014, 1:00PM

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With over 1 billion users, Facebook has emerged as a go-to place for understanding interests. With 250 million users, LinkedIn has established itself as a leading source for career information. Yet, these powerful networks continue to operate at the periphery of most non-profit fundraising organizations.

This presentation will teach the principles of “Social Donor Management” and how institutions are investing in social media to transform its fundraising efforts and deliver a clear Return on Investment. This session will help your institution align social media with core advancement goals of increasing participation rates, identifying major donor prospects and improving stewardship.

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Tapping Into Your Inner Relational Leadership to Create Change


 Starts Wed, Mar 26 2014, 10:00AM
 Ends Wed, Mar 26 2014, 11:00AM

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Great leaders make relationships a priority. This workshop, based on the work of Dr. Jean Baker Miller, Dr. Judith Jordan and others, focuses on the components of Relational Cultural Theory. Relational Cultural Theory “is not forming a separated, independent self, but rather the ability to participate actively in relationships that foster the well-being of everyone involved (i.e. growth-fostering relationships.” The theory teaches the source of human suffering is isolation and that the end to isolation is the creation of relationships and establishing high quality connections.

Learn in this session the components of the theory to build lasting connections within your teams, organizations and communities.

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How to write a stunning direct mail package piece by piece


 Starts Wed, Mar 26 2014, 12:00PM
 Ends Wed, Mar 26 2014, 1:00PM

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Do you have trouble getting people to open your nonprofit appeals?

Do you want to learn the tactics of great appeal copywriting that will help people tear open your envelope and GIVE?

Now you can learn how to write a stunning direct mail package, piece by piece.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to make your appeal letter, step by step, from start to finish. We’ll look at all of the different kinds of envelopes, and which ones have gotten the greatest return. You’ll learn what headers work and why. We’ll look at the top nonprofit mailers in the US and talk about what works best. Have you ever experimented with enclosures? If so, you’ll hear about some controversial enclosures and what REALLY works.

You’ll learn how to create tension in your letter, that urgency that makes people give. What if your board doesn’t like your ideas? This webinar will walk you through how to get around writing by committee, step by step.


  • What makes a good header on your appeal letter, with lots of real life examples
  • What makes the best pictures in your appeal letter?
  • How to study the grand controls, the best of the best appeals from around the world
  • What makes a good story for your letter? -What helps create urgency in your letter?
  • What enclosures help lend authority to your nonprofit?
  • What should your envelope look like (with lots of successful examples)?

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