Getting Started with Video for Your Nonprofit

Wed, Aug 13 2014, 10:00AM

In this webinar for nonprofit executives and marketers, you will learn:

What you need to have in place BEFORE you hire someone to make you a video.

How NOT to waste your money on a video that won’t yield results.

What kind of video(s) you need in order to get seen and heard in today’s noisy nonprofit market.

The mathematical formula that will help you decide your video’s budget.


Thing to Waste – How to Create a Powerful Fundraising Offer

Wed, Aug 20 2014, 10:00AM

Want to take your year-end fundraising appeal to new heights with some simple art and science that will make your hard work really pay off? The end of the calendar year is when people are primed to give the most. Whether you are an old pro and just want some new tips, or you’re writing your appeal letter for the first time, you’ll find killer strategies and tried-and-true tactics in this webinar to get your appeal to the next level. If you’re ignoring any of the elements that go into making your appeal effective you’re ignoring your organization’s future. Learn to make giving to you a no-brainer for your donors – and as easy as pie (don’t you love pie)?


Know the benefits that will inspire your target audience
Spell out the problem; Create a meaningful, believable, discrete call-to-action
Tell a compelling story with emotional triggers that incline the donor to create a happy ending
Learn how to use stories and statistics for the greatest impact
Make it easy for your reader to understand why you’re asking now
Get your envelope or email opened – killer tips
Get your appeal read – writing, editing and design keys
Find out which words to use a lot of – and which words to never use!
Learn the essential elements of an “I will give to you now!” reply card and landing page



August 11, 2014
2 p.m. ET
GuideStar Impact Call

The idea behind GuideStar’s Impact Call is to proactively provide results in real-time to constituents and begin a systematic dialogue that encourages data-driven decision-making across the sector. Loosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, the Impact Call is open to everyone and will give people an opportunity to learn about GuideStar’s results in a more timely, interactive, inclusive, and comprehensive manner.

Presenters: Jacob Harold, President and CEO; James Lum, CFO; and Lindsay J.K. Nichols, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, GuideStar USA (moderator)

August 21, 2014
1 p.m. ET

Storytelling Basics for Nonprofits

We all know that stories about individuals are the most effective way to get donors to respond to fundraising appeals. In fact, it is really quite unusual to receive appeals these days that don’t include a story of a particular person whose life was affected by a charity’s work. But it’s not enough to just tell a story. We must tell a story that connects with our audience and leave a lasting impression that impacts their philanthropic relationship with our cause.

Join us to learn how to do just that.

Presenters: Vanessa Chase, Fundraising and Communications Strategist, Founder of TheStorytellingNonprofit.com; and Jenny Taylor, Community Manager, GuideStar USA (moderator)



25 Online Fundraising and e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofits

Date: Tuesday, August 5
Time: 1-2:30 pm EDT

This webinar covers 25 online fundraising and e-newsletter best practices most of which are at an intermediate to advanced level. Incorporating 15 years of knowledge about proven online fundraising and e-newsletter best practices, this webinar also looks forward to trends and tools that will transform online fundraising and e-newsletter campaigns over the coming half decade. Topics include:

Services and functionality to look for a “Donate Now” vendor
How to use social media to increase your online donations
How to launch a sustainer program
How to utilize social fundraising
How to launch a crowdfunding campaign
How to build your e-newsletter list
How to design your e-newsletter for smartphones and tablets
How to integrate social and mobile media into your online fundraising campaigns
An exploration of social and mobile fundraising apps
How mobile wallets could transform online fundraising

25 Facebook Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

Date: Tuesday, August 19
Time: 1-2:30 pm EDT

This webinar covers 25 Facebook Page best practices most of which are at an intermediate to advanced level. Click-by-click, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Facebook Page tool set and learn tips and tricks unknown to many nonprofit admins as well as gain a larger understanding of using Facebook to raise funds and create cause and brand awareness for your nonprofit. Topics include:

Content strategies for increasing engagement on your page
A click-by click tour of the Admin Panel
How to create custom tabs on your page
How to tap into the power of Facebook Milestones
How to add Facebook Location to your page
How to claim and merge Facebook Places Pages
How to claim and merge Facebook Community Pages
How to track your Facebook Insights
How to grow your Facebook community
The power of Facebook for fundraising
The functionality of Facebook Groups

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