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BioCurious IRS Exemption

BioCurious IRS Exemption Short 

“We hired Johanna’s Keep Me Tax Free team to help our non-profit achieve 501c3 status. Anyone’s who’s gone through this process with the IRS knows it’s not pleasant! However, Johanna guided us every step of the way with expertise, enthusiasm, and empathy. We are so glad that we hired Keep Me Tax Free and I have already been recommending it to fellow non-profiteers. Looking forward to the next time we can work together!”

-E. Gentry, CEO and Founder
BioCurious, Sunnyvale, CA
NOTE: Many nonprofits wait 12 – 18 months to garner their tax exempt status. KMTF secured BioCurious’ tax exempt status in 5 months from start to finish. 


“Johanna Wise and her team are exceptional, and I cannot thank them enough for their expert guidance and consultation. I hired Johanna after being appointed Treasurer of a local youth baseball organization serving nearly 1000 children. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the organization was in violation of numerous compliance issues with the various non-profit regulatory bodies. Her team’s expertise helped us avoid losing our non-profit status, and guided us to becoming fully compliant. I highly recommend Johanna Wise and Keep Me Tax Free.”

– D. Brodersen, Treasurer
LA-MV Pony Baseball, Mountain View, CA


“When I was the treasurer of the Committee for Green Foothills a few years ago, we spent countless hours with our lawyers to ensure we maintain our 501C3 status (Lobbying vs. education, etc.) – hours which would have been better spent serving community members and fundraising. I wish we had hired Keep Me Tax Free.”

– D. Bender, Treasurer
GreenFoothills, Palo Alto, CA

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